Precautions for Playing MECHABEY

Ages 15 and up

To eliminate any possibility of injury, please make sure the followings:

  • 1. Ensure there is no one around you, especially small children as you play with Mechabey.

    Ensure persons stay away from the battle ring in case that your Mechabey flicks out and hits persons.

  • 2. Make sure your Mechabey does not flick out from the battle ring when the Mechabey start


    If your Mechabey could not land on the battle ring due to excess power and speed, it may be flicked out and accidentally hit a person.

  • 3. Do not on purpose by bumping your Mechabey into an opponent’s one.

    Mechabeys often move in an unexpected direction and can cause injury.

  • 4. Ensure you keep your face away from a spinning Mechabey during spinning top battles.

    If Mechabeys bump against each other, they may be flicked out and hit your face.

  • 5. Do not try to grab a spinning Mechabey.

    As a spinning Mechabey has enormous motional energy, your fingers may get injured.
    If you need to stop spinning of Mechabey, use cloths on it.

  • 6. If sharp edge or wire burrs form occurred on your Mechabey during battles, please file them down and make the surface smooth.

    Your fingers can get injured if you grasp a spinning Mechabey with a burr.

  • 7. Do not touch flakes chipped away from Mechabey. Please eliminate the flakes of burr themselves with adhesive tape.

    If you touch flakes by your finger, it may stick in.