What is a MECHABEY? MECHABEY is an ultraprecision metal battle Spinning Top which has captured the hearts of people all over Japan.MECHABEY can be played 1 vs 1 in battle games or battles royal with several people. for ages 15 and up

How to Play?

Several people in a battle royal match

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Alone in 1 vs 1 battles and time-trials

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is such fun and the only product of its kind?

  • 1, Authentic customization

    Every part can be replaced coaxially for customization to make the best fit for the player. (Patented: Automatic coaxial assembling structure)

  • 2, Ultrasmooth stable rotation

    The MECHABEY rotates surprisingly smooth thanks to its ultraprecision parts and the coaxial contexture of the assembled top.

  • 3, Easy to wind cord to spin the MECHABEY

    The cord can be wound around easily and securely on its bobbin structure. (Patented: Cord winding structure and winding method)

  • 4, Dynamic and powerful battling

    High speed rotating with over 60g of full metal MECHABEY induces dynamic, exciting top battles. You can fit for the strongest top in a battle (acquired design registration of outer shape)

  • 5.Amazing rotation duration time

    MECHABEY’s excellent rotation dynamic balance realizes a rotation time of 5 minutes or more (up to 10 minutes).

  • 6, Easy to hold and turn

    The outer periphery with its depressed area enables the best grip with the fingers. (Acquired design registration of external shape)

7.Particular brilliancy of the metal material Forever brilliant stainless steel body and greater depth of shine of alumite treated aluminum top-plate. The color of the top-plate changes from dark to light depending on the viewing angle.

Why MECHABEY is cool?

1.MECHABEY is an ultra-precision genuine high spec industrial product.

  • 2.You can progress by improving your battle skills.

  • 3.You can enjoy the excitement, tension, and joy of winning battles.

  • 4.You can enjoy more powerful battles with upgrades to heavyweight class spinning tops.

Why I developed MECHABEY?

MECHABEY devolved from the Beigoma, the traditional iron top enjoyed by all generations of Japanese people.

Katsumi Takahashi, the president of the Spinning Top Co., Ltd. Japan.

Katsumi Takahashi, the president of the Spinning Top Co., Ltd. Japan.

Born in 1956. Studied electronic engineering at university, engaged in the development and quality assurance of medical devices as an engineer in several Japanese medical device manufacturers and American medical device manufacturers.

After retirement, he established the Spinning Top Co., Ltd. in 2017. and developed the "Mechanical Beigoma", the next generation Japanese Beigoma. MECHABEY is precisely machined from metal round bar using CNC, a state of the art processing technology. We are developing dissemination activities not only in Japan but also in the world.

When I was young, it was natural for us to play beigoma in Japan. From that time, I have a vivid memory of losing to a local bully and crying home. I met Beigoma again when I got a job at a domestic medical device manufacturer. The department I was assigned to was mainly charged with developing medical equipment with rotating parts.During my training, an old craftsman on site taught me how to make things on a lathe. I made Beigom as to rotate well and strong. This experience has been kept in my mind. Beigoma is made from metal and I applied what I learned and quickly realized I could create a perfect product, unequaled in the world.

MECHABEY For “Spinning Top Battles”

  • 4P Actio series
  • 3P Action series
  • 2P Action series/Aluminum body
  • Mechanical bey
  • 1P Action series/Stainless steel body/Aluminum body

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MECHABEY is an all-metal ultra-precision mechanicalbeigoma that can be turned with a string . The structure is such that the string can be wound up concentrically and neatly without making bumps on the string. Thorough pursuit of rotating performance and battle battle ability, it has a structure that can stably rotate for a long time and aim for the strongest battle. It is an original structure only for Mechabay. You can fully enjoy a powerful battle and a time trial that challenges you at high speed.

MECHABEY For “The Art of Spinning”

A series of MECHABEY with the theme of "beauty" consisting of three precision metal parts.

Battle Ring “Large Square Ring”

The battle ring is a stage that unleashes beauty and strength when the MECHABEY rotates. It is a field where you can freely produce various scenes, such as battles where you sometimes collide violently, and time trials where you sometimes challenge the duration of rotation.

Battle Ring “Portable Octagon Ring”

It is easy to carry and you can enjoy it immediately after installing it.


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